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It all began with a TV-Show named "Hercules - The Legendary Journeys" wich appeared 1995 in US. There where 3 Episodes (Ep. 9, 12, 13) in which a woman named Xena (the correct title is Xena - Warrior Princess) appeared first. Many fans loved these Episodes and so a spin-off was born: Xena - Warrior Princess. (Long time I thought the X-Files where the ultimative TV-Show but after the first Eps I had seen, I had to change my mind).

After a succeeding first season a second followed. The TV-Show appeared in many countries and languages also in germany (I didn't know it this time 'cause in germany the TV-Show was shown as a children show on sunday afternoon.) Not long after the appearance in germany the first fans founded clubs or hold meetings to watch the show together.

Many fans could speak the intro:
"In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings. A land in turmoil cried out for a hero. She was Xena a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power, the passion, the danger, her courage will change the world." As I said, I didn't know the show at first 'cause sunday afternoons I'd mostly played soccer with my team mates. But than I had an accident on the field and couldn't play soccer the following months. It's very bad for an athletic to watch the team mates and not be able to play with them. I got bored and frustrated and so I stayed at home and watched TV. One sunday afternoon I switched through the TV stations and saw this woman with a sword in her hand. She twirled it around and laughed evily. I didn't saw this woman ever before and I had seen many Fantasy, SciFi and Hongkong Films and I would have recognise her if I ever had seen her. After this episode (it was Return of Callisto) I searched my TV-Guide for more informations. It was a TV-Show (cool!!!) not a film and appeared every sunday. Hah! Now there was something to wait for. Let my team mates play soccer I will watch Xena - Warrior Princess.

After few episodes I got insane. The one hour every sunday was not enough I wanted more. The best thing in my life was to buy a computer with internet connection. I searched the www about more informations and found "IT"! The Xenaverse! Tons of pics, sounds, wallpapers and FanFiction. Whats FanFiction about?, I thought and after a few downloads I knew. Now I'm a FF maniac ;-))) mostly Uber. I made many friends in irc chats, mailing lists and meetings. Since four years I'm a Xena Fan now. The sixth season hasn't aired in yet in germany. Yeah I know its the last and I know the ending also. But what should I do? I'm a fan. There are many fans which are very creative. We can make Xena go on in our own Xenaverse. Who needs Raimi and Co, anyway?

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