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News 27.10.2003
Hi Folks! Another Update! There are three new Entrys. First and Second a Cast List A-Z in Character and a Actor List A-Z in Actor. And Third, I put 4 new Puzzles in my Puzzle Section. Enjoy!

News 09.10.2003
Hi Folks! Long Time no see ;-)) I put a Calendar on my site. Check it out. The pic sites was updated (bigger thumbnails). There will be an addition soon in Characters. Enjoy!

News 23.04.2003
Okaaay! I Know. But I was extremly occupied the last weeks. Yes, my german site are updated more frequently but you know well that there are many english sites and only few german. The next update will come, I promise. And there will be a new Category. Right now I am occupied with a driver license for Motorbikes. CU later folks!

News 13.02.2003
You can send E-Cards now. It's a nice little script, nothing fancy. Enjoy!

News 12.02.2003Sorry, you have to wait so long. I fixed the problem in the gallery. You should see the pics now.

News 10.10.2003There are rumors about a movie with Xena and Co. See ausxip for more details.

News 29.01.2003
I fixed a few minor errors and made little changes in my layout.

News 09.12.2002
A new game is online. Have fun!

News 05.12.2002
A New section is online. I named it funstuff.

News 04.09.2002
Pics from the 6. Season are online.

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