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News 04.09.2002
Pics from the 6. Season are online.

News 03.09.2002
Pics about the 3. / 4. and 5. Season are online. Take a look.

News 27.08.2002A new update in my private section. There are some new pics.

News 23.08.2002
Hi! I redesigned my Homepage, nothing heavy but a few details. The next weeks I hope to upload more pics from the episodes.

News 24.07.2002
It took me some time to update my page, but I had a lot of work to do the last weeks. New pics in my section 'about me'. More pics about Claire Stansfield and CSD 2002 in Hamburg.

News 13.05.2002
Oops! I forgot to mention it. Lucy's second son Judah Miro Tapert was born on 07.05.2002. Lucy and child are well.

News 10.05.2002
It took me a while to update my page cause I had a lot of things to do.
One of them is that I had to move in a new apartment and it took me some time to get settled.
But now all is fine and I could upload my Hamburg Guide. Take a look inmy new section 'about me'.

News 16.02.2002
Kevin Smith is dead.
With him we have lost a great actor. I will never forget him. For more information go to ausxip

News 13.02.2002
Kevin Smith was hospitalised in China yesterday after an accident, his agent said today. Smith was in China for filming but was not working when he was injured, Robert Bruce said in a statement Smith's wife, mother, father and brother-in-law were with him. No other details were available.

News 08.02.2002
Hi Folks, I'm working on my html layout. I'm tired of formatting every new page. I work with CSS now. Cause Netscape lower than 6.0 has CSS Bugs with no end you might think my sites are a little, ahem... chaotic!? If you use Netscape 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 or IE there shouldn't be much errors. You think you found one? Or you can tell me how my tables (see the seasons site) will begin on top under Netscape 4.7 and not in the middle? Hey, thats just fine...

News 21.12.2001
The only news I got for you is a) my site grows up every day and b) Lucy is pregnant with her second child.

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